This is a city of River (Courtesy Mr Mohit) and Religion with the Chimes, temple bells and the priests who gives this places a real significance to visit repeatedly. This city has the local, national and international tourists who are willing to quench their thirst of having religious quotes and enhance their views to have the lightning thoughts and perceptions about life as well as the afterlife happenings. As the city has a spiritual significance, it feeds the tourist with versatile knowledge as well as helps to increase their charms about being more spiritual. This is another destination that has the authentic temples, Chanting Circumstances, marvellous Ganga views, untouched nature, lively atmosphere, in a word a package of good things that can be availed by the tourists like a budget or a luxurious destination. Here the river Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic Plains of North India, the first time in India. That is why this placed is dignified as the “Gangadwara” as well.

When to go
Summer is the best time to visit this place and enjoy it truly.

What To Do

Haridwar is one of the most favourite places in the traveller’s list where someone can visit. If someone went there in the summer vacation, then it will be one of the best times to travel. Anyone can visit Haridwar with his or her families. There was another option to stay in the ashram for some days. There is the option to visit many places such as Ram Jula, Laxman Jula, and many more. Some other option was shopping there. Taking a bath in the Ganga River is another fascinating option. During summer, the river was also cold, but one can enjoy that very well. Another variant of doing aarti of Ganga Maiya in Har Ki podi in the night was there. That scene was marvellous that seen, cannot be explained in words. However, this is a very holy and astonishing place to visit. Anyone can really enjoy the sites in Haridwar. Visiting the market of Haridwar and do boating in the river, can be rectified as another option. The atmosphere was very relaxed and clean.

How To Reach :

How to reach the nearest rail station

The nearest railway station is Haridwar it is adjacent from the centre of attraction.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport has a distance of almost 36 KMs and named as the Jolly Grant Airport. Several cabs and other transportation are available to reach the spots and to the city from the stations.

Where to stay

India is a country dotted with religious places among them Haridwar is a special place. It is called Haridwar means the abode of Hari or Lord Vishnu the signification in Hinduism. Here the river Ganges came to the plains from the high Himalayas. Someone will get a feeling of peace just sitting beside the river and will never forget the experience of evening arati here. Every twelve years when the planet Jupiter enters the sign Aquarius and conjunct with the sun, a religious festival called Kumbh-Mela held here. Millions of devotees assemble to take a bath in the River Ganges. Hindus believe that considering a shower at Haridwar on Kumbh-Mela ends the cycle of rebirth. Every year some travellers come to this place in search of peace, return with a beautiful experience, and feel life truly is beautiful.

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